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      <br>Micro CHP boilers are a great option to produce energy in the comfort of your home. They are also eco-friendly and can help to reduce the carbon footprint of your home.
      <br><br>The combined heat and power (CHP) systems are an energy efficient solution for buildings with large amounts of space and are now accessible for residential properties as well. These systems produce both warmth and power in the form of a small unit, which is similar in size to the typical gas central heating boiler.

      <br>Micro-CHP boilers, that are miniature versions of the industrial heating systems that transform large quantities of gas into electricity they can be miniaturized. In a time when consumers are looking at ways to lower energy costs, and subsidies from the government focus on low carbon technology Micro-CHP boilers have been regarded as an excellent home heating options.
      <br><br>A research study funded by the EU suggests that micro-CHP can be able to capture about three-quarters (or more) of the European market by 2030. The reason for this is because Europeans are looking for alternatives that reduce carbon emissions to traditional gas boilers, as well because renewable energy production continues to grow. While systems could cost upwards of 25,000 euros, CODE believes that prices will drop to about 4000 Euros for a 1-kilowatt-hour normal system by 2025.
      <br><br>The main benefit of Micro-CHP is the ability to generate the energy needed to produce heat and therefore you do not need to buy as much power via a grid. If you have excess electricity it will be paid Feed-in tariff payments.

      <br>Micro-CHP (micro combined power and heat) boilers produce electricity from tiny amounts of fuel. They are able to take over a traditional gas boiler or be installed in larger buildings such as hospitals, schools or hotels.
      <br><br>The units are generally powered with a stirring motor, and they are customizable to suit specific heating requirements. They produce as high as 4 kW of energy, which could be utilized to power the building or returned to the grid.
      <br><br>The installation is very simple it’s a breeze, and changing a standard boiler it’s much the same. If you’ve already got a gas boiler that is in your house and want to lower the carbon footprint on your property the option is one that works effectively.
      <br><br>Micro-CHP systems are also qualified for Feed-in Tariffs (FIT). These will reduce your monthly bills and will provide you with long-term returns on your investment. It will also allow you to decrease your carbon footprint because they use less fossil fuel than the standard boiler to generate electric power.
      <br>Energy efficiency

      <br>Micro chp boilers are an alternative to traditional boilers. The micro chp boiler produces electricity and useful heat while at the same time making it possible to cut down on heating costs and also reduce your carbon footprint.
      <br><br>In general, micro chp units use mains gas or liquified petroleum gas (LPG) as their heating fuel. However, certain models can be powered by bio-liquids or oil like biodiesel. These technologies are considered a ‘low carbon technology’ because they’re better in comparison to burning fossil fuels for both heat and electricity.
      <br><br>They’re typically less costly to operate over conventional boilers, specifically given that the prices for renewable energy sources have gone upwards. They’re also possible to integrate with existing heating systems and have the capacity to deliver hot water to be used as a source of backup heat if it is not being used.

      <br>A micro-chp boiler operates as a gas or oil-fired condensing boiler however with one important distinction. It provides all of hot water and heat that your home requires.
      <br><br>It can also be stored and utilized as a backup for times when your central heating unit is shut off, maximizing energy bill savings through the entire year. Furthermore, generated heat is kept in a back-up hot water container and used to provide domestic hot water whenever it is needed.
      <br><br>Built on a single kWh of heating and 1 kWh electric power, the SE micro-CHP process has nine of 11 ecological impacts, which are far better than traditional gas boilers. This performance, however, depends on the unit of operation chosen.

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