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      Looking for a Prada handbag does not have to send you to the bank for a loan. Prada is a name sure to send shivers down the spine of any aspiring fashionista and the chance to secure a Prada handbag at an affordable price is definitely enticing. Many sites online claim to sell authentic Prada at discounted prices. Always ask for the certificate of authenticity with any Prada bag you purchase.

      The House of Prada has its roots in a leathergoods store first opened in Milan, Italy in 1913 by the Prada family. In 1978 Miuccia Prada, the grand daughter of the founder, took over control of the company. She masterminded the release of the first backpacks and totes that would lead to global success. 1985 brought the release of Prada’s classic handbag that would blast the company into superstar status in the fashion world. Prada handbags became extremely popular; the world fell in love with them. Prada has retained their top rank in the fashion industry by appealing to a very large consumer base. Prada handbags exemplify the philosophy of the company; to appeal to modern sleekness with unassertive, mannerly apparel and accessories. If you loved this article so you would like to acquire more info pertaining to how to get a lululemon bag when you order online nicely visit our own web site. Hand bags made by Prada are designed for lululemon clean lines belt bag every occasion. One can almost imagine an elegant Prada handbag carried by Audrey Hepburn or a bright neon pink trendy Prada bag toted by Paris Hilton. Prada makes a bag for every taste.

      Most Prada handbags are made of leather or finely textured nylon. The leather may be fine cow leather, soft calf skin and deer hide among others. Hardware used on Prada handbags is made of high quality metal for durability. A variety of styles are available such as tote, hobo, bowler, clutch and shoulder strap handbags. Prada bags come in almost any color of the rainbow from rich, warm tones to bright neon or basic black. In general, Prada leather handbags are the most costly of Prada bags with prices from $250-$3000. Finely textured nylon bags are priced from under $100 to more than $500.

      Prada is an often replicated, pirated name brand. Fake Prada handbags bring up to $200 as opposed to the $2000 price tag of the authentic Prada bag. Real Prada hand bags bought at retailers like Saks and Neiman Marcus come with authenticity card, a box, a dust cover bag and care booklet. All these identifiers are a dark purple color with the name “Prada” embossed in a glossy matching tone.

      Another characteristic of a true Prada handbag is the lining. All authentic Prada bags are lined with particular lining materials. One is smooth calf leather, one is satin and lululemon bum bag black one is the Prada signature material. Prada’s signature lining is either black or a color coordinating with the color of the bag. It will have the name “Prada” and a sideways letter “S” woven into the fabric.

      When looking for a Prada handbag, you can shop at a high end retail store and pay full price. If you are more bargain-oriented, go online to find a discount site that guarantees their Prada product authenticity. Only settle for the best, lululemon belt bag canada settle only for a Prada handbag.

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