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      Sofas are among the most costly furniture items to buy, so instead of spending thousands of dollars, consider giving your sofa that is old and worn a refresh instead. Get a clean, damp hand towel. It should only be a little damp however it shouldn’t be dripping. Cleanse the sofa with the towel damp. You’ll be amazed by the amount of fibers and dust will fall off. Grab your hand steamer from an online store for around 20 dollars and steam the sofa. The steam will help remove wrinkles, and kill any bacteria or bugs.

      This is the difficult part it’s not easy, and there’s no right or wrong answers. Rooms can look warm, cold, formal or laid-back. Imagine what you’d like to do there. What are you planning to do? How many people reside there? How many live there? What are your goals regarding how you’d like to be?

      Do you ever feel like your home decor isn’t working? It seems like there’s no cohesiveness? If you’re not sure how to bring your favorite interior design style to life, then you need to focus on it. This week, I’m sharing four points which might help you work out the reason your interior design isn’t working. They can also set you on the road to more minimalist style.

      The charm of French interiors is in mixing and matching a variety of pieces (both antique and modern) throughout the home. This could include an old-fashioned bed set with fresh white linen for instance. A cherished chair that’s been passed down through the generations could be set beneath neon wall art or artwork found at a flea market, displayed prominently in a contemporary apartment.

      Lighting is now more affordable and is easier than ever before to incorporate into any space. The majority of homes are equipped with ceiling lights. Wall sconces can be a fantastic way to produce an eye-level lighting. These add architectural detail to the space and immediately make it appear more alive and elevated. Wall sconces may be expensive and messy. You might be concerned about the fact that a new wiring system will be required, and you’ll require an electrician. Well don’t stress! A variety of batteries lightbulbs (LED bulbs that can be screwed into sconces but run on a rechargeable battery) are currently available. Choose a sconce that has been hardwired and cut the wires. Fix the sconce to your wall. It is possible to add an electric battery that is controlled by a remote bulb and you’ll be able to have a functioning wall sconce. The same technique is applicable to table lamps in the event that you do not have a plug near by or want to place it in the bookcase, for example. You can keep the lamp off and screw in the bulb.

      …. It doesn’t matter so long as it is flowing. It is important to use colours when you decorate. When you do it wrong, it can result in all sorts of things clash. The wrong wall color can make your carpet look awful or blinds appear out of place. The trick is to pick five shades and apply them throughout most elements in your home. This includes wall colours carpet, cushions as well as curtains, furniture and accessories. For instance, here are five shades: white, grey, a dark colour (maybe black) and a light shade (maybe dusty pink) and a contrasting colour (maybe green). Start with the white paint for your walls. You might want to select a cream tone for a more natural look if you prefer it. What is the best white tone? That’s the topic of my post.

      There’s nothing more impressive than decorating your home with environmentally-friendly pieces. Nowadays, everyone is making a conscious effort to be green, incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable interior design ideas in your home will make it stand out.

      Secret Linen Store’s new research has compared social media data and Google search results to determine the countries that are the most influential in the latest trends in interior design. The research incorporated TikTok views along with Instagram hashtags, Google search results and Pinterest boards to identify the countries most inspiring interior design trends.

      Wicker can also be weaved from the rattan. You can use wicker to create a woven effect in outdoor spaces or indoor/outdoor spaces if you prefer the look of woven. Remember that wicker is an important material. Make use of it to add a unique accent to your home or create an original statement piece. It’s enough to have one big piece of wicker the interior of your home.

      Decor Aid interior designers think that wallpapers are a popular trend. To impress your guests, decorate your walls with wallpapers with appealing and distinctive patterns, color, and styles. Use abstracted patterns that are inspired by nature, or vibrant patterns that will transform your walls into stunning artworks.

      A floor plan could be drawn in the old-fashioned way, using a pencil, paper and a rule. However, most professional designers use drafting software like AutoCAD. Between these two extremes are applications like Magicplan, RoomScan Pro, and Floor Plan Creator which make it easy for homeowners to create floor plans. Many even utilize the camera on smartphones to automate the measurements.

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