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      Since rattan’s appearance is fairly natural in its appearance, there are many color combinations that will look appealing and natural with the natural look of rattan. You can get some inspiration by taking a look at these five color and material combinations.

      Rattan is a natural material which can be stained or painted. If you’re finding it tough to merge the golden look of rattan with your personal design style, a fresh coat of brush paint, spray paint, or stain can give your rattan a custom and contemporary–albeit non-traditional–look.

      It’s easy to see why Japan’s interior design won the top spot, since the principles of its design are similar to what people want our homes to be – light, airy and simple and clutter-free. It is exciting to see such a variety of styles that inspire the people. Morrocco, Mexico, and other countries also feature in the top 10.

      The interior of a house for someone who regularly hosts large dinner parties, for example the decor should be different from a home for someone who eats out at restaurants every night. Someone who plans to throw lavish events for charity should have a separate living space than the person who dreams only of curling up on the sofa in front of a TV.
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      It’s a tricky question, but there is no right answer. Rooms can be formal or casual, warm or cool, or contemporary or traditional. For more information in regards to Kitchen Design have a look at our own site. As much as you can to your abilities you should try to determine how you would like to live in an space. What is your job? How many people are there? How many people reside there? What are your hopes for the future?

      The proportions of furniture to the dimensions of a room is critical. A big sectional may overwhelm an area, whereas slim chairs can be lost in a loft that is open. Before you start designing, measure the width and length of each room you’re planning to embellish, along with the ceiling height and elements that could be in the way, such as stairs, columns, radiators and other obstructions. It’s also a good idea to determine the size of window openings as well as the wall space above and to the sides of each so that you can prepare for window blinds.

      Though you wouldn’t think of rattan as a material for a formal dining room however, it is a viable option. For instance, you can set up a sculptural dining chair made of rattan (which offer more comfort than your typical dining chairs, as well as being stunning and vibrant) together with a elegant dining table made of dark wood. If you are a fan of juxtaposing with a more sleek contemporary, modern material such as marble or glass might be the ideal choice for your dining area.

      Traditional homes can be adorned with a classic style but modern homes require a contemporary look. Figure out what style of home you’re in (or the type of style you’re looking to). There are a few interior design “buzz-word” themes. Eg. Scandi, Industrial, Minimalism, Mid Century Modern, Classic, Contemporary, French Country, Boho… You can begin searching for inspiration with just a three phrases. Check out Pinterest to make a moodboard of styles that you like and keep a list of the main features.

      Scandinavian living room with furniture made of rattan
      Rattan, with its range of colors ranging from beige golden-brown and yellow-brown is an excellent choice for interior designs that can be paired with warm weather. It is possible to stylishly style rattan furniture for any season, and blend with a specific aesthetic, or to create the desired atmosphere. For example, putting plaid cushions and a wool throw on a chair made of rattan will instantly transform the chair from rustic to beachy.

      After you’ve taken the measurements for your room and have a floor plan, you can draw an outline that will give you a panoramic view of the entire house. A floor plan should be the initial step in any home improvement project.

      * Minimalist Japanese interiors
      Interiors of Japan are distinguished by minimalism, simplicity and organic forms. Japanese interiors are also focused on the balance between inside and outside the home. Neutral colours and organic materials bring peace and tranquility that is found in nature.

      Think rustic country elements updated to reflect the current times by mixing a variety of industrial, minimal, and Scandinavian touches to create spaces that take full advantage of every architectural feature – whether they are not.

      If you’re using rattan outside, there are a few things to keep in mind. Rattan thrives in areas that have a dry, warm climate. If you’ve exposed your rattan’s wick to water, even a tiny amount of water, when you are cleaning up an accident, then dry it in the sunlight. This will prevent warping. It is also important to be aware of exposing your rattan to direct light. Exposed to direct sunlight could cause the fibers ‘ to become fragile and weak.

      Rattan was popular in the 17th-18th century for household and furniture objects. At the time, it was praised for its capacity to endure hot climates as well as resistance to pests. In the British Empire during the 19th and 20th centuries, rattan thrived.

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