Firefighter union’s Criminal charges against Paul Atkinson and Colin Grieve have been dropped

Ontario Professional Fire Firefighters Assoc/Ontario Fire Fighters Association unable to provide evidence in multi-million dollar fraud lawsuit resulting in Criminal charges being abandoned.

The Judge outlines particulars from Discovery and the Pre-Trial court dates which revealed numerous things that included; Halton Police did not do an investigation.

O.P.F.F.A/O.F.F.A first went to Ontario Provincial Police, with whom informed the Firefighter Union that there was no fraud committed by Atkinson and Grieves.

O.P.F.F.A witness statements were hearsay and were not directly involved with family members’ arrangements with Grieves and Atkinson, whom they both helped and represented.

Prosecution witnesses Fred Leblanc (13th District Rep for International Assoc Firefighter, O.P.F.F.A. President Emeritus); Ann Bryant (O.P.F.F.A District Rep,Local 461 Kingston President), and Phil King (London Fire department Local 142) all contravened their own and other witness statements.

The charges have been stayed.

It has been 4 years + and defense in the civil matter is currently still awaiting evidence from the Ontario Firefighters union. The O.p.f.f.a/O.f.f.a union under the direction of Rahool Agrawal has denied information that entails financial banking, transactions from 2004 to the present day. During Examination, Chief Financial Officer Kelly King revealed that there was a multitude of cheques from Shapiro Lawyers Professional Corporation to O.P.F.F.A and that she was unable to locate and find the cheques. Imprecise, disheveled, and unthorough accounting records were affirmed by Kelly King.

O.P.F.F.A/O.F.F.A has not divulged the Occupation Disease database which was set in place to keep track of WSIB claims for active firefighters, retired or deceased non-dues paying members. O.p.f.f.a needs to justify their position on the so-called Loss Claim Revenue when in point of fact over 50 % of those claims have been denied by WSIB.

Could these be the errors where the Opffa were unable to track? Instead, accusing of Paul Atkinson, Colin Grieve, Shapiro Lawyers Professional Corp, and Furmanov Paralegal Services of fraud?

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  1. Quid Pro Quo
    What is Quid Pro Quo it is a Latin term for the following.
    A favour or advantage granted or expected in return for something.
    When it is contingent upon the other, “ a favour for a favour”. Phrases with similar meanings include “ give and take “, “tit for tat”, “ you scratch my back, and I’II scratch yours”, and “ one hand washes the other”.
    Let’s apply Quid Pro Quo to the present day OPFFA and it’s executive board and now the OPFFA directors Chris Varcoe, Mississauga President, Dan Vanderliee, Burlington President, Oshawa President and yes guess who the fourth new Director of the OPFFA which hasn’t been announced yet for fear of backlash from the members is you guessed it the great FRANK RAMANAGNO, TORONTO PRESIDENT, OMERS BOARD MEMBER AND ALLEDGED CROOK
    So let’s see how this happened while this time last year all the above masterminds were all gather at the OPFFA convention in Collingwood . At this convention the full executive board brought forward a vote of non-confidence against our PTSD stricken Opioid addicted President Rob Hyndman for his incompetence and inability to do his job as President never mind Firefighter.
    This vote struck Hyndman very hard having to leave the convention under dress. so this is when the under belly of the OPFFA got to work on how to save Hydnman and his great reputation. This was lead by the great Freddy LeBlanc,13th IAFF District Vice President, you guessed FRANK RAMANGNO, TORONTO PRESIDENT, OMERS BOARD MEMBER AND NOW OPFFA DIRECTOR, Chris Varcoe, Mississauga President, Carmen Santoro, Oakville President and a few other nefarious Presidents.
    So the first Quid Pro Quo was to make sure the PTSD stricken and Opioid addicted President Rob Hyndman didn’t get voted out. So the under belly gets FRANK RAMANGNO to make a plea to the membership to defend Hyndman as President for future Quid Pro Quo. With FRANK RAMANGNO support and 3000 plus votes he secured Hyndman for another year. But it goes one step further with FRANK RAMANGNO the OPFFA concocted a constitutional change to allow executive members to finish their term even after they reach the age of 60 and retired. Guess who that is CARMEN SANTORO and here is the next Quid Pro Quo for FRANK RAMANGO, it sure looks like the OMERS BOARD MEMBER FRANK RAMANGNO is building up a lot of favours with the Dictatorship of the OPFFA.
    So FRANK RAMANGNO, TORONTO PRESIDENT LOCAL 3888, for his unwavering support of President Hyndman, FRANK RAMANGNO now receives one of the 4 new Directors Positions from PRESIDENT ROB HYNDMAN, in return for his Support last year. Now let’s move to the next Quid Pro Quo, supporting the change to the OPFFA constitution with his 3000 plus votes allowing CARMEN SANTORO to run for OPFFA President this year. Thanks FRANK for your underhanded self serving deals, and yes you guessed it again FRANK RAMANGNO, TORONTO PRESIDENT, has come out in support of yes you guessed it CARMEN SANTORO.
    So, the Quid Pro Quo that FRANK RAMANGNO has with CARMEN SANTORO IS for both the constitutional change to allow SANTORO to run for OPFFA PRESIDENT and the TORONTO’S endorsement of SANTORO for PRESIDENT is the guarantee that FRANK will keep his new OPFFA DIRECTORS POSITION and HIS GRAVY TRAIN OMERS BOARD POSITION if SANTORO is elected.
    By FRANK SUPPORTING the constitutional amendment and his UNWAVERING SUPPORT for SANTORO it keeps any new bright thinking candidate like KEVIN WHITE from being elected and changing the downward direction of the OPFFA and its self-serving DICTATORSHIP OF A EXECUTIVE BOARD AND NEW DIRECTORS. This organization thrives on QUID PRO QUO just ask our present PTSD stricken and Opioid addicted President Rob Hyndman, what happened to him 6 years ago when he ran for the #2 spot.
    So instead of having the insight of looking to the future with a young intelligent democratic thinking candidate FRANK RAMANGNO supports what serves him best a 60 year old over the hill Liberal partisan supporter CARMEN SANTORO. By FRANK RAMANGNO doing what he is doing takes any chance of the 70 plus medium and small size locals to ever have a voice or opinion. I would to thank FRANK RAMANGNO, FRED LABLANC, CARMEN SANTORO the present EXECUTIVE BOARD and the new OPFFA DIRECTORS for destroying and decimating the OPFFA.
    One last comment we still live in a democratic society in Canada so how do these new DIRECTORS get these positions without a vote by the members.

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