Firefighter union’s Criminal charges against Paul Atkinson and Colin Grieve have been dropped


Ontario Professional Fire Firefighters Assoc/Ontario Fire Fighters Association unable to provide evidence in multi-million dollar fraud lawsuit resulting in Criminal charges being abandoned.

The Judge outlines particulars from Discovery and the Pre-Trial court dates which revealed numerous things that included; Halton Police did not do an investigation.

O.P.F.F.A/O.F.F.A first went to Ontario Provincial Police, with whom informed the Firefighter Union that there was no fraud committed by Atkinson and Grieves.

O.P.F.F.A witness statements were hearsay and were not directly involved with family members’ arrangements with Grieves and Atkinson, whom they both helped and represented.

Prosecution witnesses Fred Leblanc (13th District Rep for International Assoc Firefighter, O.P.F.F.A. President Emeritus); Ann Bryant (O.P.F.F.A District Rep,Local 461 Kingston President), and Phil King (London Fire department Local 142) all contravened their own and other witness statements.

The charges have been stayed.

It has been 4 years + and defense in the civil matter is currently still awaiting evidence from the Ontario Firefighters union. The O.p.f.f.a/O.f.f.a union under the direction of Rahool Agrawal has denied information that entails financial banking, transactions from 2004 to the present day. During Examination, Chief Financial Officer Kelly King revealed that there was a multitude of cheques from Shapiro Lawyers Professional Corporation to O.P.F.F.A and that she was unable to locate and find the cheques. Imprecise, disheveled, and unthorough accounting records were affirmed by Kelly King.

O.P.F.F.A/O.F.F.A has not divulged the Occupation Disease database which was set in place to keep track of WSIB claims for active firefighters, retired or deceased non-dues paying members. O.p.f.f.a needs to justify their position on the so-called Loss Claim Revenue when in point of fact over 50 % of those claims have been denied by WSIB.

Could these be the errors where the Opffa were unable to track? Instead, accusing of Paul Atkinson, Colin Grieve, Shapiro Lawyers Professional Corp, and Furmanov Paralegal Services of fraud?

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