Voting change from 70% to 51%

Hamilton Fire Department Local 288 voted 58 % in favour of rejoining O.P.F.F.A with 42 % against. O.P.F.F.A assisted Hamilton Fire President Stan Double to change voting to pass at 51%, changing from their usual voting pass of 70%. President and O.P.F.F.A understood the vote would not pass unless they lowered the pass mark. Rumours that he was compensated with a position within the International fire union in return for implementing the voting revision. Many are discouraged paying into 3 unions. Frustration and bewilderment rise as members pay into several unions, yet they still contract outside sources for consultation. Several unions contract former O.P.F.F.A president Carmen Heard for contract negotiations and labour consultation. Union dues paid into 3 unions and still no one adequate to accomplish the work?

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