O.P.F.F.A. no longer “Professional”

After years of striving to attain the honour of calling themselves Professional, union officials vote to drop the “Professional” to Ontario Fire Fighters.  In addition the Fire head office purchased by the members in 2000 has been sold.  Union officials, under the newly labeled O.F.F state the proceeds of the sale of the property will be going back to its members.  For ease and better accessibility to the members, the union has relocated the head office to Toronto combined with the purchase of a new residential condo for their highly regarded President.

7 thoughts on “O.P.F.F.A. no longer “Professional””

  1. That has fraud written all over it, if the same people are involved with the sale of this property and defrauding widows and members in need. This should be investigated.

  2. It’s possible, although unlikely, it was re-sold quickly without any criminal activity. But at the least, the OPFFA Executives are bumbling idiots with no business sense for selling a half-acre piece of land on Plains Road in Burlington for $1,200,00.00. If anyone sees a half acre piece of prime land in a business zone in Burlington for $1.2 please post it. And remember that was a seller’s market at that time.

  3. It was purchased years ago in fair market. Now that it’s free and clear with no mortgage 1.2 is still a good profit.

  4. They said the property was owned by fire membership There are lots of members across Ontario. Who decides where the money went and how it would be split amongst the firefighters? I think they sold during the housing market spike, could that be why they were able to double the profit? I called the office to find out how much but haven’t been able to get any answers.

  5. I may be wrong on these figures and time frames, however, I heard it was sold for $1.2 Million, and then sold again within 2 weeks for $2.4 million. This seems highly suspect to me! Doesn’t seem as though it was sold for fair market value? Why firefighters are not screaming for an investigation is beyond me. Imagine if you sold your house for $1.2 mil, and 2 weeks later it sold for $2.4!

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