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      What are the three things that designer handbags are known for? Well I’ll tell you, wealth, good taste and quality. A designer handbag is something that is on most women’s wish list but due to the cost we are probably only going to buy one every few years; so because of this fact you need to ensure that you choose the right one. With all brand fashion items, whether it is shoes, dresses, jackets, belts or indeed bags it is the name that you are ultimately paying extra for. While this is indeed true in the case of designer handbags you are also paying for a product that is higher in quality and best backpack brands craftsmanship than a lot of other handbags that are on the market. The higher prices of the true designer brands are a combination of superior construction, top materials and brand identification. Some of the top and most known names when it comes to designer handbags are Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada. All of these designers and many more like it tend to have classic looks that are easily recognisable. The fact that these bags are easily recognisable can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It is good in the case of status symbol as everyone will know what designer you are wearing; it is bad however if you are a true fashion diva as you will be looking for one of a kind bags as they are more desirable to you. These types of bags however are traditionally custom made by artists, which is why if you are after one of a kind bags you should opt for a bag from the Rocio collection. Designer handbags are an aspect of fashion that is always going to be in, regardless of the season. If you are you looking for more info about classic handbags reddit take a look at our webpage. It is because of this fact that there are so many different types of designer handbags on the market. Many of the bags that are currently on the market however have been there for a long while now, which is why if you are looking for something a bit different you should opt for a Rocio handbag. They are perfect if you want something that steps away from the normal, the main reason being is down to the fact that they aren’t made from a material that is considered normal for a handbag; they are made from Acacia wood.

      The concept and design of these bags, and the fact that they are made from wood means that they are constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion. The aim of these bags is to take fashion back to the arts and if you have ever seen a bag from this collection you will clearly see that they are successful at doing this. Not only are these bags designed and personally hand carved out of wood but they also incorporate materials such as diamonds, pearls and leather etc. The material that is used on top of the Acacia wood is up to you and depends on the style of bag that you are buying. The bags contained within the Rocio collection have already been tipped to be big this year so don’t miss out on the next big thing, get your bag ordered. For a truly unique experience when it comes to Designer Handbags, take a look at the Online Collection available exclusively from Rocio.

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