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Members growing more concerned with the direction union is taking.  Many are concerned the path to dictatorship is not what they signed up for. Unable to vote, educate, or question and feeling frustrated as there are members concerned they no longer have a voice or any input to decisions being made.  O.P.F.F.A member has indicated union were not able to consult, educate, or appeal any decision in regards to mandatory vaccinations.  Simply because… the union has no money to spend on negotiating/entering in any discussions with employers in regards to mandatory vaccinations.  The lawsuit the union brought forth towards Paul Atkinson, Colin Grieve, Frances Romanov, and Shapiro has cost members upwards of 2 million; loss of 1.2 million to the firefighters owned property in Burlington; the crumbling of their pension (see De Indexing pensions); and loss of voting privileges.  Presently there are new charges brought forth towards IAFF Vice President Fred Leblanc, Ontario Firefighter President Carmen Santoro and firefighter Dan Vanderlelie.  The Union executive, having spent millions of firefighters’ money are currently trying to raise union dues and trying to solicit Hamilton Local Fire Department to rejoin in order for union executive board members to support themselves financially and fund current and future lawsuits against them.

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