7 thoughts on “Fire fighter Union spends Donation money to fund lawsuit against Paul Atkinson and Colin Grieves”

  1. I’m no insurance broker, but that occupational disease balance sheet doesn’t look like an insurance policy to me. Perhaps fire fighter union should have invested some money into the Consulting line.
    Who makes these decisions?

  2. You guys must be onto something because someone I’m sure on past provincial executive had this site blocked from IT at town hall in Oakville. Well done!

    1. I have known Colin for 32 yrs and his character is unimpreachable. As a former police officer, retired firefighter, and former owner of a large private investigation firm I have never seen a bigger railroad job as this. From his own email to the civil law firm CST Meyers should be arrested for attempt to obstruct justice and perjury. Colin and Paul recovered 120+million dollars from WSIB for us. Santoro is good friends with the former minister of labour who oversaw WSIB. Also the civil firm that launched the action and which the criminal case is based on are staunch liberal supporters. POLITICS!! Now the government has changed and people are running. When Colin and Paul win lookout!!. All of you that conspired in this travesty would be best to head to Mexico!!!

      1. Looks like the money was well spent. $250K spent, $ million recovered, thus far. Looks like Paul Atkinson was not so honest after all. Looks the same for Colin Grieve as well. May have good character on the outside, meanwhile they’re stealing from their friends and colleagues on the side. They only escaped criminal charges as an excuse that it took to long to get to trial. If they were so innocent they would have wanted to proceed to trial to clear their names.

  3. Hmm…is this not fraud? The opffa claims that when they accept the donations the money will be used to support other families and spouse’s in pursuit of a wsib claim for cancer.

    If they use those funds for something other than what the stated premise of the donation, has the opffa not violated some law? Why is no one complaining to the police and asking for this misuse of funds to be investigated?

  4. I have been following this “disaster” for a few years now. And I’m not only embarrassed to be a firefighter in Ontario but disgusted that the OPFFA is trying to ruin these guys. They should be giving them a medal or two !
    Someone showed me a while ago how to google Paul Atkinson’s name at the wsib tribunal site and I am amazed at how successful he was! He overturned alot of denied claims.
    Who is doing this work now?
    Who has the knowledge to do this work?
    I heard the opffa fired the other Occ. Disease guy a while ago. Have those remaining done a tribunal?
    Isn’t the opffa supposed to help injured firefighters and their families?
    Now that I’m retired and have cancer who do I call ?
    Who will fight for me, all the way to the tribunal if necessary?
    I’m not calling my local cause they are apart of this nonsense. And i’m not calling the opffa, as I recall from what I read, Fred Leblanc said they don’t represent retired guys.
    Thanks for nothing !

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